Barrie T. Rose, R(S)

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Barrie T. Rose

My background is diverse beginning as a ski instructor in Colorado, where I am from. I then became a world traveler, a migratory bee keeper, and finally, in 1978 landed on the Big Island of Hawaii after agreeing to work with the largest honey producer and largest queen bee producers in the world to establish what eventually became the largest queen honey bee business in the world. We were raising queen bees and shipping our most highly sought after queens to over 100 different countries around the world. We succeeded in closing the borders to Hawaii for any incoming bees in 1984 in order to be able to offer mite free, African bee free, healthy queen bees to primarily commercial beekeepers around the world.

In 1996 I moved from Kona to Waimea with my 2 daughters in order to provide them with what proved to be a great education in an excellent private school setting and began my career in realestate at that time. I began in vacation rental property management in Puako and then decided that I would like to expand into realestate sales.

I had developed a thorough knowledge of the entire Big Island after 20 years of exploring the many and varied eco-climates of the island for queen breeding which has proven to be quite helpful for Buyers who are trying to determine where on the island they might like to invest. It has been a diverse and exciting journey and now that my daughters have successfully navigated their educational pursuits I find that I still really enjoy the world of real estate. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of this beautiful island with you!

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