Donna Whitmyer, R(B), GRI

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Donna Whitmyer

Donna is a New Orleans native who made the big move in 1986. She believes the beauty of Hawaii rests in its ability to speak sincerely and differently to every visitor and resident.

With her heart in the right place, Donna found the freedom to play the flute in the local symphony, finish the Honolulu marathon multiple times, procure her motorcycle and 50-ton captain’s licenses and run her own Harley Davidson rental business.

“There is no other place on earth like the Big Island of Hawaii! To say it is diverse would be an understatement as there is something for everyone in this peaceful place. If 'Quality of Life' is the most important ingredient to your well-being then the Big Island is for you!”

As a 30-year resident of Kona she has found the most inspiring and heartfelt times are spent appreciating the flora and fauna of the islands. By immersing herself in nature, she has swum with manta rays, sea turtles and colorful reef fish, hiked the unforgettable Kilauea lava flows and discovered numerous valley water falls.

Her long time spent on the island is reflected in the excellence and enthusiasm she brings to every real estate transaction. She obtained her real estate license in 2002 and her broker’s license a short three years later. Her life as a kama'aina (local resident) enables her to illustrate the quality of life available to residents.

Donna is a consummate professional who conducts both large scale property management and real estate transactions. Buying or selling a home should not feel daunting or frightening. However, when you partner with an agent who isn’t as knowledgeable as they should be, it can feel like you are climbing a mountain by yourself.

Your agent needs to be fully committed to your needs as a client and should recommend knowledge and resources to you centered around what you’ve discussed. As a long-time resident Donna couples up-to date market knowledge with familiarity of the neighborhoods to provide her clients with unparalleled service.

Many agents shy away or discourage adversity from clients. You have big hopes and bigger questions that should be brought forward and discussed openly.

Donna is a true optimist who lets the Aloha spirit show through her business. She encourages your questions, listens to your concerns, and provides solution-focused answers to all your questions.

The island culture is not lost in her work ethic. She gives all clients, big or small, local or distant, her best effort. Her service is defined by is defined by patience, knowledge, resourcefulness, and focus on providing clients with possibilities.

“With experience in both commercial and residential real estate transactions you will be working with a comprehensive professional. However, I would not call it work at all! I have an inherent enthusiasm for helping clients and strive for excellence with every opportunity.”
Clients can expect consistent sincerity and polished professionalism. She sets the bar high for herself and for you.

“My pledge to you is to:
• Be proficient, polished, and skillful
• Apply sincerity and deep thought to your concerns
• Create a journey filled with the aloha spirit

Together we can achieve great things!”

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