Emil Knysh, R(S)

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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the city known as nation's culture capital and home of high society, son to overachieving parents with music degree and deep community ties, Emil was influenced early on to love and appreciate the art of sound and service. Though his childhood, Emil was involved in various academic, athletic and musical programs and community service through church and mission works.

Upon his arrival to the U.S. in 2000, despite the challenges of adaptation to new language and culture, Emil continued to grow his talents. Picking up new instrument skills he played for the worship team at a new home church in Vancouver, WA, while pursuing a career in Massage Therapy. With proper education, Emil's passion for helping and assisting others helped him become a very successful therapist, and in turn a co-owner of a Chiropractic Clinic.

In 2013 Emil and his wife with their son, moved to the State of Hawaii, where they traveled to visit the family that still resides in Kona, Big Island. The addiction
to the atmosphere of the Aloha State, made Emil and his family want to make Hawaii their new home, where Emil plays competitive beach volleyball, continues to practice his music skills, serve the community through his church and real estate profession. While his professional business skills were sharpened by ever demanding and challenging medical practice, Emil found the service in the home industry to be more in tune with his self. Knowing firsthand the experience of moving and discovery of all thing beautiful, that make Hawaii a destination, not just a vacation, he quickly became a competent and a reliable representative of the Island's RE profession. Emil was raised to embrace the culture and life of service, let him and his team serve you.

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