Mishi Clauberg, R(S)

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Mishi Clauberg

Mishi Clauberg began her real estate career in 2002 as a mortgage expert operating her own successful mortgage brokerage. Her in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of lending are an invaluable asset when navigating the diverse housing market on Big Island. Mishi's twenty years of experience in sales and business ownership gives her the time-tested skills to help clients prioritize their goals and achieve fast and effective results.

Mishi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is also a Web and Graphic Designer. Her professional understanding of online advertising and marketing is essential in today’s real estate market, and her talent for analyzing the big picture is perfectly supplemented with her passion for details.

Along with her love of real estate, Mishi and her husband Tor teach the spirit of aloha and conscious creation in Hawaii and to students around the world. Her positive attitude, confidence in the ability to create a life without limits, and her energetic demeanor are contagious and motivating.

Mishi Clauberg’s background and expertise in sales and marketing, combined with her extensive experience in lending and real estate and her passion for design make her a dynamic and effective partner in buying or selling a home.

“In life there are no limits and together we can create anything…one dream at a time!” -Mishi Clauberg

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